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We are a fully remote team of experts passionate about designing and delivering outstanding digital products that impact people's lives
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Founded in 2020 by Lorenzo Bocchi after over 10 years in the field, our studio focuses on designing intuitive, beautiful and impactful new brands and digital products or scaling and evolving existing ones.
We partner up with technology companies by becoming an extension of their team to help realise a founder’s vision.
We do not just execute. Through our expertise we help our clients find solutions, shape their businesses and craft meaningful and strong products.
Our team is as diverse as the people we work with. We are deeply passionate about delivering outstanding digital experiences and are constantly striving to improve.

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Founder & Director
Sydney, Australia

Business Partner

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World class team


  • Featured in UI/UX – Manettas
    Featured in UI/UX – Milray Park
  • Featured in UI/UX – Pollie
  • Featured in UI/UX – AiWorld Magazine
  • Featured in UI/UX – Hello Coach
  • Featured in UI/UX – ShoreTrade

  • Featured in UI/UX – Starbucks
  • Featured in UI/UX – LinkedIn
  • Featured in UI/UX – Withings

  • Featured in UI/UX – Facebook

Digital Design Award

  • 🏆 Freelance of the Year

  • 🏆 App of the Year
  • Digital Design Award of the Week
  • Freelance of the Year Nomination 2017

  • Freelance of the Year Nomination 2016

  • Freelance of the Year Nomination 2015
  • Finalist Best use UI Design
  • Finalist Best use of Photography

  • Finalist Best use of Animation
Digital Design Award

CSS Design Awards

  • 🏆 Designer of the Year
  • 🏆 Best UI Designer of the Year
  • Designer of the Year Special Kudos
  • Website of the Year Special Kudos
  • Website of the Year Special Kudos – Lorenzo Bocchi

  • Websites of the Day – Dot Lung

  • Websites of the Day – Mine Studio
  • Websites of the Day – Kolaps

  • Websites of the Day – Peter Van Alphen
  • Websites of the Day – Lorenzo Bocchi 2017

  • Websites of the Day – Da Ink

  • Websites of the Day – Lorenzo Bocchi 2016
  • Websites of the Day – Gianluca Bocchi
  • Special Kudos – Lorenzo Bocchi 2018

  • Special Kudos – Yebo

  • Special Kudos – Manettas

  • Special Kudos – Freebies

  • Special Kudos – Studio Ghidini

  • Special Kudos – Friendly
  • Innovation, UI & UX Awards
CSS Design Awards


  • Finalist Independent Designer/Dev of the Year
  • Site of the Day – Peter Van Alphen

  • Site of the Day – Dot Lung
  • Developer Site – Dot Lung
  • Honourable Mentions – Kolaps

  • Honourable Mentions – Mine Studio
  • Honourable Mentions – Yebo
  • Honourable Mentions – Da Ink

  • Honourable Mentions – Lorenzo Bocchi 2017
  • Honourable Mentions – Freebies
  • Honourable Mentions – Lorenzo Bocchi 2016
  • Honourable Mentions – Gianluca Bocchi
  • Honourable Mentions – Lorenzo Bocchi 2014
  • Honourable Mentions – Lorenzo Bocchi 2013

  • Honourable Mentions – Zanotti Boutique
  • Honourable Mentions – Mine Studio
  • Honourable Mentions – Dot Lung

  • Honourable Mentions – Peter Van Alphen

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What our customers say

Lorenzo helped us create an exceptional product from the ground up. He crafted our new powerful visual identity, enhancing our unique brand personality by combining impeccable designs and illustration and delivering a first-class platform and website.
Manfred Kaiser
Founder, Younique
Lorenzo and his team at Vool were such a pleasure to work with and delivered an exceptional product for us. They delivered creative solutions, on time, and on budget, and the finished work far exceeded our expectations.
Taryn Williams
CEO, theright.fit
The team at Vool made sure to collect a thorough brief, meet with our stakeholders, engineers, designers and marketing teams. Their craft quality is next level, they were fast, reliable and super easy to collaborate with. We loved working with them and would recommend them highly.
Mim Stebbing
Head of Design, Archistar.ai
Working with Lorenzo of Vool is always an absolute ease!!! I know I can trust and rely on his expertise and extreme professionalism. 5 awards and a few websites and landing pages later, Vool.Studio is my #1 choice for any digital product development.
Dot Lung
Mother of Social Dragons
Lorenzo has helped us with a range of motion design projects. He has a great sense of motion and animation, accompanied of course with an incredible eye for design. A true professional, he makes it a real pleasure to collaborate together.
Anthony Wymond
Director & Founder, IGNITE
Our partnership with Lorenzo has been key in bringing our product to life, building our brand and shaping our business. Through his deep understanding of our company goals and challenges he has guided and advised us every step of the way, building an outstanding platform, website and visual identity.
Raaj Govintharajah
Founder and CEO, The Martec
We’ve worked with Lorenzo on several product UI design projects over the past few years and are always really impressed by the design quality and speed that the work comes back. He understands the goals of the project straight away and exceeds expectations every time.
Damien Hughes
CEO, Half Machine
We've found working with Lorenzo to be an incredibly fruitful and collaborative relationship, one marked by high design standards and great outcomes
Neil Serebryany
CEO, Calypso.ai
I worked with Lorenzo, he was super easy to work with. Great attention to detail, always focused on the problem and open to feedback.
Joel Wasserman
Strategic Design Director, ANZ
Reliable, trustworthy and exceptional design skills are just a few ways I describe Lorenzo and the team at Vool. When we needed additional design resources, Lorenzo and the team were there for us to assist with product, sales and marketing projects. Collaboration was seamless, professional and fast-paced, with no attention to detail lost.
Johnny Westfallen
VP of Design, Vamp
Vool guided us through the entire brand design process from the ground up, with great outcomes and a smooth experience. We are often commended for the level of design of our deliverables by our customers, and that is 100% attributed to the talent and professionalism of the Vool team.
Adi Ashkenazy
CEO, Skylight Cyber
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